Central Park ChapelCentral Park Chapel


2018 Summer Season

  • July1st

    Dr. Stan Mast

    Adjunct Professor of Preaching: Calvin Theological Seminary

    Music by Jennifer Kuipers
  • July8th

    Rev. David Bast

    Words of Hope

    Music by Dan Jonker
  • July15th

    Rev. Jim Liske

    Christ Memorial Church

    Music by Jonathan Marshall
  • July22nd

    Rev. Jared Ayers

    Liberti Church, Philadelphia

    Music by Renee Smyth
  • July29th

    Rev. Chad Pierce

    Faith CRC Holland

    Music by Krista Greendyke
  • August5th

    Dr. Neal Plantinga

    Senior Research Fellow

    Music by Jayne Gort
  • August12th

    Rev. Jonathon Brown

    Pillar Church

    Music by Phil Holmes
  • August19th

    Dr. Peter Lillback

    Westminster Theological Seminary

    Music by Johannah MasonĀ 
  • August26th

    Rev. Peter Semeyn

    Retired - Elmhurst CRC

    Music by Bill VanEe
  • September2nd

    Dr. Tim Brown

    President, Western Theological Seminary

    Music by Kathryn Becksvoort

The History of Central Park Chapel

Located on rail and interurban lines linking the west Michigan shore with Chicago and Grand Rapids, Holland has long been a tourist destination. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, vacationers erected summer cottages at Central Park on the shores of Black Lake, present-day Lake Macatawa. Many of them, like the permanent residents, were of Dutch descent and had strong religious beliefs. John R. Stryker hosted services on his porch until 1903 when the Central Park Chapel was built to serve interdenominational religious needs. Dr. John A. Otte, a medical missionary, led the construction of the chapel on land donated by Gerrit Zaalmink. Early services were held in Dutch as well as English. Because of the number of clergy who vacationed here, Central Park was known as "Saint's Rest."

For over 110 years Central Park Chapel has provided vacationers and area residents with meaningful summer worship services affirming the doctrines and creeds of both the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church of America.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Smeenge President
  • Dan Goris Vice President
  • Drew Wierda Treasurer
  • Janice Vogelzang Secretary
  • Jeremy Brieve
  • Carol Danhof
  • Robert Frieling
  • Andrew Huizenga
  • Jon Schram
  • Dave Van Andel